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Our media (in conjunction with the Bush administration) has done a very good job anesthetizing War. We see politicians standing on podiums, see pundits passing barbs and trading insults. Occasionally, we will see an Iraqi mother crying. But these are watered- down images at best.
I think we see more of the realities of war in the latest Playstation game than anything we see on the news. Blood and gore is de riguer in such popular games as God of War. Kids see more violence than adults do.

At this stage of the game (no pun intended), no one is going around thinking that this war has been a success or a good thing. Still, I wonder how much we actually know about this war. I am not in favor of gratuitous violence, but I wonder how we would feel about war if we saw more of it?

Maybe this video below is the utimate mixture of our CGI-Video Game culture and the realities of war.  This video is reality, but it looks like a video game.  Maybe images like these can slip by the mass media’s censors, and give Americans a real glimpse of war. 

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Pictures of pictures can be cool. Especially when you take just a portion of the picture.  This portrait looks much more scary this way. 


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What are your favorite and least favorite words? Any reasons why?

My least favorite word is "titty".  I don't know why...it just leaves the tongue all wrong. 

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